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While IEP-Wizard's plan is first and foremost in assisting parents/guardians in better understanding their child’s special education process (e.g. IEP), IEP-Wizard is not similar to hiring a special education attorney.


The outcomes that are recommended via the IEP-Wizard plan are expert advice from Special Education Experts with expertise in special education processes.

Additionally, advice via an IEP-Wizard plan may require parents/guardians to consult with a special education advocate and/or attorney to ensure the proposed IEP-Wizard plan is implemented with fidelity if your child’s local school is unwilling to implement recommendations made by staff at IEP-Wizard on behalf of the parents/guardians.

Lastly, Special Education Experts at IEP-Wizard are obligated to inform parents/guardians that they are entitled to obtain expert opinions at no cost to them from their child's respective school district.

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