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IEP-Wizard’s mission is to empower parents/guardians who have special needs children to effectively navigate the complicated world of special education.


IEP-Wizard will provide parents and guardians with expert analysis by a Special Education Expert to review and analyze their child’s Individualized Education Plan (IEP) and then provide parents/guardians with expert opinion via an IEP-Wizard plan consisting of the following:


  • Your child's educational strengths and needs as it relates to their disability.

  • Suggested accommodations and/or modifications.

  • Suggested educational goals.

  • What may be missing in the IEP or areas that need to be changed.

  • Questions that need to be asked at the IEP meeting.

  • And lastly a detailed plan for action that will be emailed and ready for presentation at your child’s next IEP meeting.


When parents and guardians utilize IEP-Wizard they can expect expert opinion and advice by Special Education Experts who are familiar with the following:

  • IDEA-2004 Disabilities

  • special education law/implementation

  • special education best practice approaches

  • practical knowledge with respect to all facets that encompass special education within the educational environment. 


Those who utilize IEP-Wizard can expect best practice approaches that are data driven in-nature and in accordance with IDEA-2004 rules and regulations. 


Parents and guardians who have been frustrated by their child’s IEP team due to a lack of progress can benefit from expert opinions provided by Special Education Experts at IEP-Wizard, where the focus is to facilitate an effective partnership with their child’s IEP team.   


With the IEP-Wizard membership feature parents and guardians can decrease stress and anxiety associated with yearly IEP meetings by partnering with Special Education Experts to assist them in ensuring IEP plans are aligned in accordance with best practice approaches per IDEA-2004 requirements.

Lastly, parents who utilize IEP-Wizard no longer have to leave IEP meetings with feelings of uncertainty by entrusting the staff at IEP-Wizard to partner with them in ensuring the best possible educational outcomes for their child.

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