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After payment confirmation, send us a copy of your child’s most current Individualized Education Plan (IEP) and most recent Multi-Disciplinary Evaluation as an attachment to


You can request these documents from your respective school district’s special education office. They may have electronic copies which would work best to avoid scanning them and uploading them. 


When we receive all the requested documents, a Special Education Expert will review and provide expert opinion via an IEP- Wizard Plan. It will be emailed back to you at the email provided in a password protected format. The password will be emailed to you prior to receiving your IEP-Wizard Plan. 


Lastly, expect an IEP-Wizard Plan within 12-14 business days. Some plans may exceed 12-14 business days during high volume times. Please remember you are entitled to call an IEP meeting with your child’s school team at any point during the school year to share your IEP-Wizard plan.

Steps to initiate


One-Time fee of $79.99 + tax (One IEP review) or Membership price of $69.99 + tax which includes yearly annual IEP review. Once enrolled in membership status your financial account will be billed yearly on the date of enrollment.


If you wish to discontinue membership status, please submit email 30 days prior to the end of the annual billing cycle. If you have received an IEP review prior to cancelation you will be billed the one-time fee amount of $79.99 for the last billing cycle.


If you have not received an annual IEP review prior to date of enrollment you will not be billed and your membership status will be cancelled.



When utilizing IEP-Wizard expect to have your child’s IEP Wizard plan emailed to you within 12-14 business days. Times may exceed 12-14 days during the school year, due to higher volumes of request. Fastest turnaround times can be expected during summer months (e.g. May-July).


It is important for parents and guardians to remember they are entitled per IDEA-2004, to call an IEP addendum at any time in the school year to discuss their child’s IEP, which can be an opportune time for parents/guardians to present their IEP-Wizard plan to their child’s IEP team.  



IEP-Wizard guarantees your child’s IEP will be handled per FERPA requirements and will be electronically shredded upon review. IEP-Wizard will not maintain electronic records of your child’s IEP. 

IEP-Wizard guarantees that your child’s IEP will be reviewed by a Special Education Expert that is not employed by your child’s school district to avoid any possible conflicts of interest/biases.